The cheapest and easiest way to install the tiles is to use ceramic wall tile adhesive and then after you stick them to your surface and let dry then use wall grout in between. The salesperson at Home Depot or Lowes or any tile store will show you what you need from the store shelf.
Our tiles are exactly made to be used in kitchen and bathroom or any room. If you can use a blank tile on that wall, counter top, nook, table top etc., then you can use a Mottles Murals tile right there as well.
I make a certain amount of tiles and murals so they are ready for immediate shipping. If you need more then please contact me. I will happily make as many more as I possibly can.
Yes shipping is combined whenever possible. Please email for a quote.
The item may have been sold or transferred to our other web site. Please email me and I will be glad to let you know if the item will be replaced soon. Thank you.
Yes. The tiles are kiln fired up to 1400 degrees. Your stove or fireplace is not likely to exceed that high of a temperature, so the tiles will be fine.
Each tile is wrapped in cellophane to prevent scuffing. The tiles are packed in stacks with cardboard or styrofoam in between. Then the tiles are wrapped tightly in newspaper. The shipping boxes are stuffed with crinkled newspaper and insulation styrofoam. The tiles are packed as well as I would like to receive them myself.
Yes. Our checkout now includes the convenience of accepting Stripe. We accept American express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Please call 330-729-0355. If you have technical issues then call me at 330-729-0355.
Buyer pays shipping for returns. 20% restocking charge if the order was mailed to the buyer with free shipping. If upon receiving your order you do not feel that it is as described please email me immediately. You may then return the item as you received it in 30 days for a refund or merchandise exchange. Refund is for the item listing price only unless we agree otherwise. If the order was mailed to you with free shipping there is a 20% restocking fee. Please use original packaging if possible. Broken tiles will not be refunded. No returns after 30 days will be accepted.
The eCrater listings are Free Shipping within the 50 states of USA. If you are an International Buyer please email me for a quote. mottlesmurals@gmail.com There is no handling charge on any of my items. I provide the wrapping paper, tape, boxes, Styrofoam, labels and your business is appreciated.